Ice Tea Mango 0% Sugar

Powder mix with tea extract with mango flavour for beverages.

Add 40g of product’s powder to 180ml of cold water and 180g of ice, stir in a blender for 20’’ and serve.

Dilute 90g of product’s powder to 1lt of water.

Fructose, maltodextrin, tea extract, acidifier, flavour

Store below 25 οC and 70% humidity in shade. Keep away from sunlight and heat.

24 months from production date (closed package)

0,360 Kg doypack suitable for use with food. 


1Kg Bag PE-Alu-PET suitable for use with food. Paper box.

90 carton boxes of 12×0,360 Kg doypacks on 1 EUR pallet (120×80)


90 carton boxes of 6x1kg sachets on 1 EUR pallet (120×80)

Sachet of 1kg yields 12lt RTD